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This Hotel is like a home with own garden, reading and music room. The Italian style architecture has developed in perfect harmony with its surroundings.
Italian Style accomodations in 1. Italian Style accommodations in the Arenal Volcano
Budget rooms at Arenal Volcano Staying in this small resort is like being in a dream, where rest and good attendance are your companions. This place, much more than any other Hotel influences the guest to come back again and again. On the foot of the Arenal volcano you can discover the history and daily activity of the volcano and its surroundings.
Hotel in Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Hotel Vagabondo in Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
The Rooms offer all the comfort needed to make your stay enjoyable, you won’t feel like in a Hotel. Some of the rooms have been remodelled having in mind the history of the place and surroundings and are decorated with typical paintings from local artists.Enjoy succulent Mediterranean meals, music, reading your favourite book in tranquillity or just enjoy an extravagant drink and meet people in our Sports Bar.
Hotel with beautiful gardens in Arenal Volcano Great rooms in Arenal Volcano
In order to make your stay an innovative experience , you can do a different tour everyday or just walk while enjoying the tropical garden; see the Arenal volcano until you reach the Vagabondo restaurant. Our Sport Bar is ideal to relax and have an excellent fruit-punch. The furniture is rustic and the decoration has been choosen carefully with a lot of love for the details.